The Morpho

Take your skincare to the next level

The Morpho

Reveal your true self in only 5 minutes, achieve salon quality skin care results at-home.

Revolutionary beauty device

The Morpho is a revolutionary anti-ageing at-home beauty device that helps everyone look and feel their best. Using its unique combination of technology and functions.
The Morpho is clinically shown to help tone the skin and reduce wrinkles, providing visibly instant results and cumulative benefits.

Effective skincare solution

Effective, transformational skincare solutions have never been this accessible and convenient. You can achieve salon-quality results at home in just 5 minutes each morning, delivering visible results after every session.

The Morpho and our exclusive dedicated skincare series work in synergy to help your skin appear instantly more lifted, toned and radiant.

Our Results

Along with SGS, the world's leading efficacy testing company, we have invited 30 women
(ages ranging between 30 to 55 years) to adopt our 5-minute beauty ritual every morning
for 28 consecutive days:

Skin Results





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User Satisfaction

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skin rejuvenation effect

5-MINUTE morning skincare ritual

Along with SGS, the world's leading efficacy testing company, we have invited 30 women
(ages ranging between 30 to 55 years) to adopt our 5-minute beauty ritual every morning for
28 consecutive days:


The CHOUOHC Serum and Gel are specifically developed to be used in synergy with The Morpho device.

This combination maximises the results from your daily beauty routine in a safe and effective way.

How to use

The Morpho has two modes for both daily facial WORKOUTS and a weekly intensive facial treatment.
never more than 5 minutes.

RE Mode

Your daily facial workout (use six mornings per week)

A daily 5-minute workout for your face that promotes an instantly more lifted, toned and sculpted appearance with a healthy glow. RE Mode combines RF, EMS and LED treatment functions to improve facial contours, minimise fine lines and wrinkles for a bright and youthful complexion.

RF: Boosts your beauty metabolism

EMS: Tights your muscles

LED: A light therapy for your skin

RM Mode

Your weekly intensive facial treatment (use one morning per week)

Once a week, elevate your skincare routine with an intensive moisturising facial care. RM Mode combines four advanced skincare functions (MFIP, UP, RF, and LED), allowing skin firming and lifting, improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and stimulating collagen production and cell activity for a bright complexion and rejuvenated skin.

MFIP: Tones and lifts your skin

UP: Increases skincare penetration

RF: Boosts your beauty metabolism

LED: A light therapy for your skin


5 powerful skincare functions in 2 easy-to-use modes


Mid Frequency Interval Pulse combines three powerful technologies: electrical muscle stimulation, interval pulse, and radio frequency. This function strengthens the firmness of your skin, reduces wrinkles, and redefines your face line.


Electro muscle timulation uses microcurrent to activate facial muscle movement, which lifts and sculpts the facial contours, giving a non-invasive face-lift effect.


Ultra Pulse is a painless electrical pulse that allows the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin and maximise its effectiveness.


Light-Emitting Dode helps to solve various skin conditions rapidly.
Each LED colour has different benefits:
Red: anti-ageing
Blue: anti-bactericidal
Green: unifies the complexion.


Radio Fequency promotes blood circulation, improves the lymph drainage system, and boosts the production of beauty agents in your skin, such as collagen and elastin.

Dr. Kurata's Testimonial

Doctor Sotato Kurata, Director of Beppu Garden Hills Clinic and Japan Society of Clinical Dermatologic Surgery, explaining ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF THE DAILY USE OF THE MORPHO AND ITS DEDICATED SKINCARE