About Us


Dedicate the mornings to you with a unique morning beauty ritual.

Today’s world can be fast and overwhelming. Making the time to prioritise self-care has never been more important.

This precious morning time before loved ones wake up and the time to work starts may be our only chance to focus entirely on ourselves, practice self-care and create a feeling of balance in our lives.

Creating a beauty morning ritual with The Morpho device is calming and relaxing whilst honouring yourself through your beauty routine.
Elevate your skincare routine in just 5 minutes.

A new beauty ritual
that shines with the
morning sunrise

CHOUOHC [tcho-tcho] is the Japanese word for butterfly. This fascinating creature, whose natural beauty is the inspiration behind the brand and The Morpho device, symbolises transformation, renewal, and self-acceptance.

Cutting-edge, reliable and safe Japanese technology

We strive to guarantee high-quality Japanese facial treatment technology because we value high performance, durability, and luxury. That is why all The Morpho devices and skin care are produced by Artistic&Co, a leading beauty manufacturer and are 100% Made in Japan.

To date, Artistic&Co has sold over one million facial beauty devices and prides itself on carefully performing quality checks on every product by hand prior to shipping.