CHOUOHC skincare formulations contain premium botanical ingredients such as Royal Jelly, natural honey, and Scutellaria root extract, among other medically approved natural ingredients.

Respecting the sensitivity of your skin is our priority. CHOUOHC products are non-comedogenic and do not contain alcohol, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colour, synthetic antioxidant, mineral oil, petroleum surfactant or UV absorbers.

Natural Honey

Diminishes the signs of ageing

A natural humectant and moisturiser, honey helps draw in and retain moisture deep within the skin layers, plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Helps reduce breakouts and acne

Honey contains natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that reduce bacteria that can cause breakouts and acne.

Soothes and reduces redness

A calming, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin reduces redness and irritation caused by environmental factors like sunburn.

Brightens the skin for a natural glow

Known as a gentle, non-irritating exfoliant, Honey gently removes dead skin cells revealing brighter skin.

Royal Jelly


Stimulates collagen production to help treat and prevent skin sagging and wrinkles.

Healing antibacterial properties

Ability aids wound healing of acne and breakouts.

Promotes skin hydration and elasticity

The high lipid content increases skin plumpness and hydration.

Brightens dark spots

It can help suppress and fade pigmentation on the skin.


Rich in antioxidants

Prevent free radicals from damaging cells in the skin and improve health.

Reduces skin inflammation and redness

A natural source of zinc, a powerful anti-inflammatory mineral that helps skin look its best.

Improves circulation and promotes glowing skin

Rooibos contains Flavonoid chrysoeriol, which has been shown to improve blood circulation, which helps carry essential nutrients throughout the body and stimulate glowing skin.

Wild Hawthorn extract

Ultra-calming effect on irritated skin

The hawthorn extract quickly relieves feelings of skin discomfort. It is an ingredient suitable for sensitive skin.

Assists with the healing of acne and blemishes

This ingredient has cleansing and softening properties. It can prevent the appearance of pimples and eliminate redness.

Scutellaria roots extract

Reduces the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots

A popular ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine, its benefits have been known for hundreds of years. Recently it has been being formulated into skincare products due to its ability to combat signs of hyperpigmentation or dark spots on the surface of the skin.

Rich in antioxidants

Making this a potent ingredient for combating signs of skin damage caused by free radicals, such as UV rays and pollution.

Psyllium seed extract

Helps treat acne and breakouts

Contains germicidal and antibacterial properties, making it much more helpful in preventing and healing acne and pimples.

Brightens skin

A gentle exfoliant that removes dead skin cells' build-up adds clarity and radiance to the skin.

Glycyrrhizinate 2K

Natural skin soothing properties

Derived from Liquorice Root, this is a natural plant-based ingredient ideal for red, sensitive skin.

Moisturises and helps condition the skin

By preserving hyaluronic acid content in the skin, this ingredient helps to maintain hydrated and youthful skin.


Aids skin hydration

Helps fight against dehydration thanks to its ability to retain water in the tissues.

Improves sagging skin

thanks to its ability to regenerate the tissues of the epidermis.

Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

By reinforcing the strength and structure of the skin and connective tissue, the skin appears smoother.


Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

Elastin strengthens the skin's structure, improving any sagging and tightening the appearance of ageing skin.

Promotes healthy, glowing skin

By improving elasticity and resilience in the skin with elastin, the skin's surface is plumped, reducing the appearance of fine

Hyaluronic acid

Ultimate ingredient for hydration

even moisturises the deep layers of the skin and, above all, improves the texture of the skin.

Strengthens the skin barrier

Hyaluronic acid boosts the skin’s natural barrier helping it to lock in moisture for a dramatically improved moisturising effect and preventing skin dehydration.

Tightens skin tone to improve firmness

As hyaluronic acid helps fill the skin with hydration, the plumped skin smooths fine lines and gives the appearance of more youthful skin.

Our skin care formulations are non-comedogenic alcohol-free, synthetic fragrance-free, synthetic colouring-free, mineral oil-free, petroleum surfactant-free, synthetic antioxidant-free, and UV absorber free.