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CHOUOHC Expands Reach with Multiple Store Openings and Pop-Up Launches

As we step into 2024, CHOUOHC Co., Ltd. takes pride in reflecting on the successful store openings and pop-up shop launches that have contributed to its growth and presence in the Japanese beauty market. These endeavors have not only expanded CHOUOHC's reach but have also solidified its reputation as a pioneer in redefining morning beauty routines.

Transform Your Beauty Routine with 'The Mopho': Winner of Best Home Appliance Award

Discover the groundbreaking skincare innovation that's taking the beauty world by storm! Our latest beauty device, "The Mopho," has been featured in the esteemed magazine "STORY" and has clinched the prestigious Best Home Appliance Award.

CHOUOHC Debuts in Japan: Unveiling Innovative Beauty Devices

On June 6, 2023, CHOUOHC Co., Ltd. marked a significant milestone in its journey as it proudly introduced the pioneering Japanese beauty device to Tokyo, aiming to redefining morning beauty routines and inspire individuals to embrace authenticity in their daily lives