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The CHOUOHC Gel will allow you to use the RE mode of the Morpho.

The CHOUOHC Gel contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin, the three main ingredients for beautiful, firm, and supple skin.

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“What reason for using the device and the skincare in combination?”

The CHOUOHC Serum and Gel are specifically developed to be used with The Morpho device.

The combination maximises the effect of your daily beauty routine safely and efficiently.

“In what order should I apply the Morpho skincare series?”

The CHOUOHC Booster is the first step of your daily morning ritual.

After cleansing your face, apply the Booster on your face and neck to hydrate* and prepare your skin for using The Morpho facial device.

*Up to stratum corneum


The Gel will allow you to use the RE mode of your device.

Every day, after applying the Morpho Booster on your face and neck, put 2 drops of the Gel directly onto The Morpho device head and start using the RE mode.

Effective, transformational skincare solutions have never been this accessible and convenient. You can achieve salon-quality results at home in just 5 minutes each morning, delivering next-level, visible results after every session.

The Morpho and our exclusive Morpho skincare series work in synergy to help you appear instantly more lifted, toned and radiant.